How to make a pregnant house in a ovulation period, there is a secret

Today, the ratio of female infertility to men and women who cause infertility is 70% the probability of male infertility is 20% 10E#fFF05; for both men and women for reasons or unexplained reasons. Pregnancy should be a natural thing, but modern life rhythms and work stress make it difficult for pregnant babies to become pregnant. As long as you face the problem correctly, you can successfully conceive. Then, how do you have a good pregnancy during the ovulation period? Daily considerations For pregnant couples, it is a good idea to improve the ability to conceive. 1. Foot therapy: Because all organs and glands of the human body are reflected from the foot, pedicure can help women relax and relieve stress. Some techniques can stimulate the reproductive system and focus on the pituitary gland to balance the patient’s body. hormone. 2, acupuncture: Chinese medicine said that health depends on the gas, gas refers to a kind of energy under the skin, including the same amount of yin and yang. When these gases are in a state of confusion, people feel uncomfortable, and acupuncture can also increase the chances of pregnancy. Acupuncture can increase blood flow in the uterus and help the egg to better integrate with sperm. Acupuncture also balances hormone levels in the body. 3. Hypnotism: Hypnotism can help women release mental stress. This therapy is concentrated in the hypothalamus, which is a stress-sensitive part of the brain that transforms emotional information into physiological responses. Hypnotism may help women overcome their subconscious fears about having children. 4. Nitric Oxide: Studies have shown that nitric oxide can be used not only to prolong the window of conception of older women and young women, but also to improve the conception rate of in vitro fertilized eggs. It can also be used to prevent common pregnancy problems that occur in older women after pregnancy, such as habitual abortion. Secrets of the same room First of all, sex should not be too frequent. It is necessary to ensure the number of male sperm. In addition, both men and women must be healthy and have no discomfort or disease. It is best not to smoke or drink for half a year. Of course, both parties should be happy when they are sexual intercourse. The atmosphere, it is best to reach the climax at the same time, so the chance of having a boy is greater. When the woman’s sexual desire is climax, the contraction of the uterus can “attract” the sperm into the uterus, which will increase the chance of pregnancy. But it is not necessary to have a climax to become pregnant. If you are anxious about climax, it will cause a lack of climax, which will reduce the chance of pregnancy. The best way to help you get pregnant is to be mentally relaxed when you are having sex, to be fully engaged, to achieve natural integration, and to integrate into a happy dream. This is good for pregnancy.