Be a “fire sniper” sniper

To be a “fire sniper” “sniper” In fact, the man’s wonderful moment is only a short 5 seconds, and sometimes even less than 5 seconds, but the feeling of wanting to die will make him “go forward”, I am not tired of it. If you can grasp the whole process, then you will become his “most beautiful in memory.” A little bit tell you: 1. Listen to his physiological reaction: Want to help him create an unforgettable 5 seconds, of course, you must first understand his physiological clock, it takes some time to find out the limits of his patience, and every man There is a “personality”. Generally, when he temporarily stops breathing, the sprinting action appears to be more rapid, and he starts to scream or scream, or conversely becomes silent from the previous shackles. These are the reactions when approaching ejaculation. You can pay attention to the signal from his body and sum up the physiological reflection of his orgasm prelude. 2. Taking into account his rhythm: In the whole process of making love, the rhythm of pleasure, especially the feeling of climax, is like being overwhelmed and overwhelmed, and it is almost involuntarily controlled. At that time, it was almost isolated from the world. Some sexologists think that when men are more It is the separation of mind and body, and the more delicious the climax. So you can satisfy his own rhythm as much as possible, that is, if he is too fast, you can slow down to extend the arrival time, that is, gently touch him, the movement is slower, if you are all about When his reaction begins to give you the feeling of “coming”, you can use words or actions to help him and you reach a climax. 3. Lead him into the wonderland: Although when a man enters the five seconds, he simply forgets me, but before the climax, you can still help him to be a little higher. The easiest secret to lead him into Wonderful Wonderland is to “spin first, then tight, tight and then loose”. In other words, in the most relaxed conditions, you can step on the highest peak and enjoy the most beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain; When you stand on the highest point, let him slowly walk down the mountain. In addition, step by step, once more intense than once, when he is hungry for climax, the only thing you can do is to tighten the vagina to increase the stimulation to him, then the intensity of the climax he feels will increase. There are also some you have to pay attention to during the “driving” process, suddenly braking, this will make him suddenly like a mechanical failure in the sky-high speed, so people hanging in the air is generally not a taste, so at the time he is about to reach the climax Stopping, he still ejaculates uncontrollably, but he loses his pleasure, just as he shot at the World Cup, but was stopped by your super goalkeeper, which will make him disappointed. It will also affect the quality of your future sexual life, so you should know that “the shot will be shot when the shot is taken, and the hand will be closed when the hand is closed.” For more information, click on Feihua Health’s gender topic: