How to solve the woman’s sexual impulse during the holiday?

Women are a collection of contradictions. For example, the physiological period is obviously not a good day for sex, but on the contrary, their inner sexual desire is the strongest. Before entering this red area, please consider the following three things! Although most partners ban sex before the end of the female physiology cycle, there are some women who want to release themselves during the physiological cycle. Even if this is a very irrational practice, forcing to make love during the physiological period, what should we pay attention to? Is there any remedy? It turns out that female pelvic cavity is congested and contracted during physiological periods, and sexual desire is indeed stronger. If it is not a dysmenorrhea, the woman in a physiological period may become Pan Jinlian’s sexual impulse in one second. Even in recent years, it has been said that the uterine contraction caused by female orgasm is the same as the uterine contraction caused by menstruation, and the sexual orgasm of the physiological cycle may even contribute to the discharge of menstrual blood, and there is a chance to shorten the wet day! But according to a person’s physique. 1. Pay attention to the position of the missionary is the best way to carry out sexual life during the physiological period, because the flow of women in the supine is relatively small. 2, health measures Everyone knows that bloody scenes during the physiological period are difficult to deal with, so you decide to love you, remember to put a thick towel on the bed beforehand. In addition, the battlefield can also be moved into the bathroom, making it easier to clean. 3, considerate and consider clearly It is important to note that although the woman wants, her body is honest. During the physiological period, headaches, swelling of the breasts or lower abdomen may occur, so be sure to be gentle and considerate when making love. In addition, try to avoid a day or two in the peak traffic. In addition, there are safety period calculations and the risk of urinary tract infections, so please consider carefully before making a decision. If you don’t want to do this, you should avoid the bloody battlefield, wait for the end of the physiological cycle, and then turn to the rain.