6 kinds of actions that make him difficult to extricate himself

暧昧 is a bit sour, but it has a sweet feeling; this kind of feeling is a good taste. If the time of squatting is too long, it can only be described as the lyrics of SHE. Just being a friend.” How can I make the two people in the squatting have further development? Have you ever seen a movie, “A Kiss, Jiangshan”? That’s right! Kiss it right. But most of the boys will not know when it is a good time for the two to kiss, so the intimate girl should observe more. When the boy has the urge to kiss you, you will also create an opportunity for him to “get it”, otherwise He has been there tortoises, and the last two will only end in ruthlessness. How do you know that boys have the urge to kiss you? You can observe him. If he has the following six actions, it means that your attraction makes him difficult to extricate and wants to give you a kiss. 1. When he quietly quieted his mouth and talked busy, he couldn’t kiss, so when he quietly quieted down, it might be that he was soothing the tension that he wanted to kiss you, giving himself courage to be mad. A kiss is successful. 2. Do some unimportant little action people will do some so-called small movements when they are nervous, like shaking a wine glass and using a straw to stir the ice in the drink. That may be his preparation for how to kiss you. . 3. Eating chewing gum or scenting agent for the first time will certainly give you a good impression, so when he uses his tongue to gently tap his lips, or rub the lip balm to make the lips moist; then chewing gum, scent, That means your first kiss is coming soon. 4. Gently touch you before you want to kiss you, but you can’t be so abrupt. You should also let you feel the romantic atmosphere, so you can touch your back and shoulders for the next step. Stick to the warm-up. 5. He stares at your lips to see when someone will stare at your lips. It’s not that your lips are too exaggerated, that is, you have vegetable residue on your teeth. If you don’t have both of these, the most likely reason is that he looks at your lips and wants to kiss. 6. He gradually gets closer and closer to you. How about kissing one meter away? So he will slowly narrow the distance between you. If you feel like him, let him naturally close to you, then wait for the moment of kissing! Don’t miss the boy’s style, if you have a good impression on him, then when he appears these six actions Let him want to kiss your impulses come true! But remember, without your permission, no one can touch your body, so the kiss must be established in the case that both are willing!