Why did you not find ovulation on the ovulation test strips you bought online?

In general, the causes of abnormal ovulation are as follows: 1. Follicular hypoplasia Every ovulation cycle should have follicular development and growth in one of the ovaries. This follicle contains eggs and is filled with liquid. And can ovulate. It also produces some hormones (estrogen and lutein) to prepare for conception and implantation of fertilized eggs. Follicular hypoplasia can cause insufficient follicle size and estrogen production, which can affect ovulation, conception, and implantation of fertilized eggs. 2, premature luteinizing luteinization is due to the rapid rise of luteinizing hormone (LH) reaction, follicular rupture release of the egg, the collapse of the follicle to form the corpus luteum and began to produce lutein to prepare the endometrium for the fertilized egg implantation. In some people, the concentration of luteinizing hormone (LH) is too high, so that premature formation of corpus luteum and premature production of lutein, leading to abnormal changes in mucus, fallopian tube activity, endometrium, and too high concentration of progesterone LH also affects the quality of the egg. 3, follicles are not ovulating and luteinizing disease (LUF syndrome) Follicle rupture release of the egg usually occurs within 38 hours after the rise of progesterone (LH) to the highest point. However, abnormal follicular development or pelvic adhesion can cause the ovaries to fail to ovulate. 4, luteal phase deficiency due to the stimulation of estrogen (E2) and progesterone (progesterone), the endometrium will have an orderly hyperplasia preparation to accept the implantation of fertilized eggs. Hormonal imbalance can lead to the proliferation of the endometrium and the implantation of fertilized eggs. This problem often leads to infertility and easy abortion. 5, the ovarian egg’s ability to mature is reduced. The older the egg, the worse the quality of the egg, naturally reducing the chance of normal pregnancy. Why did you not find ovulation on the ovulation test strips you bought online? 1, test paper quality ovulation test paper also has advantages and disadvantages, because the sensitivity of different test strips is not the same. It is recommended that you use the mainstream brands that everyone agrees. If you buy the same test strips with other friends, and if they can detect them, you can’t measure them, then this factor can be ruled out. 2. Errors in the operation method or identification Before using the ovulation test strip, you should carefully check the explanation of the instructions and the test results. Sometimes there is an error in the operation or the recognition of the test results, I think that I have not detected ovulation. 3, you may indeed have no ovulation If the test paper is not sensitive, your operation is also standardized, and the results show that there is no ovulation, then it is likely that there is no ovulation. No ovulation, it may be pregnant. If you are not pregnant, you may need to go to the hospital to check it out. Whether it is abnormal ovulation. Of course, it is not too nervous. The ovulation test strip is only used to predict the ovulation period. The accuracy of the prediction is not 100%, and many people have not detected it. You can try the ovulation through the graph of the basal body temperature record, or go to the hospital to do B-ultrasound.