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Health tips need to be cautious after sexual life

Many couples will have a situation after sex life: frequent urination. Some people may think that it is caused by excessive drinking water before sex, and some people think that it is not caused by emptying urine before sex. This is not the case. Frequent urination after sex is not a trivial matter. If you are not careful, it may lead to worse situations. Three factors of urinary frequency after sexual life First, there is no adequate orgasm. As most men worry, if women do not get full orgasm, they will often go to the toilet frequently afterwards. This is also the main reason. Under normal read more

Male in vitro ejaculation has so many hazards

Today, most men and women don’t want to have a baby too early, and they don’t want to choose a method of contraception to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, most men choose to use the method of external ejaculation in the climax to avoid contraception in order to prevent pregnancy. However, most men and women do not know that male ejaculation indicated by medical research is likely to cause fatal harm to the body.

What are the physical manifestations of men’s kidney deficiency?

We often joked that a certain man has kidney deficiency, in fact, this joke can not be opened. Whether the kidney is good or not is related to a man’s lifelong blessing. Kidney is good, hello, I am good, husband and wife love, family and jealousy. If the kidney is out of order, the man will inevitably feel powerless. So, who is easy to kidney deficiency? What are the physical manifestations of kidney deficiency? How to adjust kidney deficiency? “Kidney deficiency symptoms” is a broad concept, including urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine metabolic system, neuropsychiatric read more

Why does it have a morning boring why the urine is inexhaustible?

The penis is the most important reproductive organ in men, and although men and women are not unfamiliar to them, there are still some doubts. Recently, the American “Men’s Health” magazine published an article asking experts to answer some common questions about penis. 1. Why is the urine droplets inexhaustible? Men may have experienced this when they urinate: after the urine is lifted, there will always be a few drops on the underwear. Dr. Joseph Sonstein, a urology scientist at the University of Texas Medical Branch, explained that this is normal because the male’s read more

Why do women have sexual dysfunction?

Sex is complex. Physiology, emotions, experience, beliefs, lifestyles, relationships, environments, techniques, and so on all influence the experience of sexual behavior. Therefore, the cause of sexual dysfunction is also complicated. Why do women have sexual dysfunction? Pain: This is a good understanding. In the process of sexual behavior, the body and the spirit are focused, the body will become sensitive and the feeling will be amplified. Difficulties in urination or defecation, pain caused by arthritis, pelvic infections, multiple sclerosis, etc., can cause inconvenience and discomfort read more

Eating habits that prevent men from premature ejaculation

Due to the increase in life stress, medicine shows that more and more men are suffering from premature ejaculation symptoms. This disease does bring a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives and plagues people’s lives. Below, we recommend several eating habits to prevent premature ejaculation, I hope to help everyone. 1, more than less meat. Studies have shown that males with more meat and less meat have better endurance and longer duration. Eating more healthy fruits such as fruits and vegetables can help the body to take a series of nutrients and enhance sexual endurance. Recommend read more

5 little jokes related to condoms

The condom and the sanitary napkin are recorded in a day, the condom and the sanitary napkin are chatted together, and the condom says to the sanitary napkin: Older sister, you don’t go to work. When you go to work, I have no business for seven days. When the sanitary napkins are heard, say to the condom: You are content, you have to miss it, I have to live for ten months! For two cents, there used to be a poor couple. Because the family is really too poor, I dare not have children. One day, my husband went to work in the city. When he went to the pharmacy, he bought a condom from the pharmacy read more

Ultra-thin condoms are not the best choice

Condoms are widely used as the simplest method of contraception. Some people think that wearing a condom is like eating itchy, and it is not fun. So choose a slim type condom and think that the thinner the better. There are also some people who are afraid of jokes about their “birds”. When buying condoms, they always choose big ones. These are the wrong ways to buy. Now condoms are mainly divided into three types, namely, ultra-thin, thin and common. The thicker the condom, the lower the sensitivity of the penis during sexual intercourse, and the worse the sexual pleasure is. The read more

7 problems caused by long-term use of contraceptives

Many couples or couples who do not have a birth requirement do not take contraceptive measures during sexual intercourse. Women often take contraceptives afterwards, which is simple and convenient. However, the contraceptive is a drug after all. It can only be used as an emergency contraceptive. It is not suitable for long-term use. Long-term use can cause great harm to the body. 1. Repeated use of emergency contraceptives in a short period of time can lead to serious endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, and prolonged menstruation. 2, for the development of the reproductive system also read more

What is the best way to prevent contraception in unfertilized people?

There are many different methods of contraception, but which one is the best? For such questions, different people will definitely have different answers. This article will take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of contraception, so that everyone can choose the right method of contraception. What are the advantages and disadvantages of condoms: There are many advantages of condoms, which is why most people choose condoms as a method of contraception. For example, the condom is easy to purchase and easy to use. There are also some helpful condoms, such as time-lapse read more