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Never take a man’s sweet words seriously

In the world of feelings, the so-called 80/20 rule runs the same. Although it is the age of marriage, it will be like the results of the gender experiment done by MIT, most of them will find their scores. It even extends the so-called marriage is not love, but the concept of life alliance. Whether you like this experimental result or not, the cruelty of this world will not change for you. In the market of men and women, 80% of people will like the top 20% of the attractive ethnic groups. These ethnic groups do not necessarily have excellent conditions, but they must have charming personal richness, read more

Why did you not find ovulation on the ovulation test strips you bought online?

In general, the causes of abnormal ovulation are as follows: 1. Follicular hypoplasia Every ovulation cycle should have follicular development and growth in one of the ovaries. This follicle contains eggs and is filled with liquid. And can ovulate. It also produces some hormones (estrogen and lutein) to prepare for conception and implantation of fertilized eggs. Follicular hypoplasia can cause insufficient follicle size and estrogen production, which can affect ovulation, conception, and implantation of fertilized eggs. 2, premature luteinizing luteinization is due to the rapid rise of luteinizing read more

6 kinds of actions that make him difficult to extricate himself

暧昧 is a bit sour, but it has a sweet feeling; this kind of feeling is a good taste. If the time of squatting is too long, it can only be described as the lyrics of SHE. Just being a friend.” How can I make the two people in the squatting have further development? Have you ever seen a movie, “A Kiss, Jiangshan”? That’s right! Kiss it right. But most of the boys will not know when it is a good time for the two to kiss, so the intimate girl should observe more. When the boy has the urge to kiss you, you will also create an opportunity for him to “get it”, read more

How to solve the woman’s sexual impulse during the holiday?

Women are a collection of contradictions. For example, the physiological period is obviously not a good day for sex, but on the contrary, their inner sexual desire is the strongest. Before entering this red area, please consider the following three things! Although most partners ban sex before the end of the female physiology cycle, there are some women who want to release themselves during the physiological cycle. Even if this is a very irrational practice, forcing to make love during the physiological period, what should we pay attention to? Is there any remedy? It turns out that female pelvic read more

Men and women must prevent “accidental” injuries

To this end, we specifically consulted the professionals who deal with the related injuries, not love, but the basketball team coach. No.1: It is the most common thing to be inconsistent when confronting each other, especially when using face-to-face posture. To this end, we specifically consulted the professionals who deal with the related injuries, not love, but the basketball team coach. His secret recipe is to cover the swelling with a towel for about 20 minutes, which promotes vasoconstriction and reduces serum exudation, which is good for hemostasis. Can you eat a paracetamol conditionally, read more

How to make a woman suddenly think about sex

The men and women who love each other are so eager to share everything, imagining that the two people feel the same for all things. In fact, men and women have the same sensory system, but their sensory functions of touch, sight, smell, taste, and listening are quite different. In the sexual life of couples, the difference in feeling is particularly obvious, and the experience of sex varies from person to person. How to stimulate the sexual excitement of the spouse, it takes quite a while to find out. Because in sex life, you have to find a program that can stimulate each other’s sexual read more

Be a “fire sniper” sniper

To be a “fire sniper” “sniper” In fact, the man’s wonderful moment is only a short 5 seconds, and sometimes even less than 5 seconds, but the feeling of wanting to die will make him “go forward”, I am not tired of it. If you can grasp the whole process, then you will become his “most beautiful in memory.” A little bit tell you: 1. Listen to his physiological reaction: Want to help him create an unforgettable 5 seconds, of course, you must first understand his physiological clock, it takes some time to find out the limits of his patience, read more

Women are willing to “dedication” for what kind of man

There is not much demand for women to choose men. The most important thing is to have a sense of security and to make themselves feel at ease. Don’t look at the standard so little, it’s actually very connotation, not everyone can do it! If a man only wants to have sex, it must be rejected. So, which kind of man would make a woman reluctant to “dedication”? Sensual and romantic as a man, should not just be busy with work, or just knowing to be outside with friends and friends, don’t forget the wife at home. Take more time to spend time with your family and wife, read more

How to use the ovulation period calculator to calculate the exact date

How do female friends calculate the ovulation period? Many female friends have been pregnant for a long time but still can’t get pregnant, so they always want to calculate their ovulation period accurately, so that they can make themselves pregnant faster. How does the ovulation calculator calculate the exact date? There are many ways to calculate the ovulation period. We can take time to find out. Female ovulation is cyclically changed by the endocrine hormones of the pituitary gland and ovary. The length of the two cycles is the same, one cycle per month, and ovulation occurs in the read more

How to make a pregnant house in a ovulation period, there is a secret

Today, the ratio of female infertility to men and women who cause infertility is 70% the probability of male infertility is 20% 10E#fFF05; for both men and women for reasons or unexplained reasons. Pregnancy should be a natural thing, but modern life rhythms and work stress make it difficult for pregnant babies to become pregnant. As long as you face the problem correctly, you can successfully conceive. Then, how do you have a good pregnancy during the ovulation period? Daily considerations For pregnant couples, it is a good idea to improve the ability to conceive. 1. Foot therapy: Because read more